Q. How much will it cost to have a brochure style website?

A. Our four page brochure style website design, with free domain name for 1yr plus free web hosting for 1 year and upto 30 email addresses, costs just �250 (inc VAT), all inclusive!  Also included is site optimisation plus search engine submission

Q. What additional costs will there be before my 4 page brochure style website becomes live?

A. None.


Q. What is a 'brochure style' website?

AThis is a website that is primarily intended to give introductory information about a company, individual, product or service. It normally includes:

HOME page - to introduce 'what is on offer', ie what it is you wish to promote or provide information on. This is possibly your key message to the visitor, bearing in mind you only have an average of 6 seconds to capture the attention of the visitor your home page is a vital element of your website. 

CONTACT page - this will be how you wish your visitor to contact you

ABOUT US page - a short introduction to your business

PRODUCT page - more detailed information about the main products or services you have to offer.

Q. What is a 'business card style' website?

AThis is a simple, one page website intended to give you an online presence providing contact details and a brief summary of what you do 24/7. There are no further pages and we normally only use our standard business card website templates although we can coordinate colours and fonts (where available) to match your corporate style. Please note that you will not be able to have direct access to a business card style website.

Q. What is an 'e-commerce style' website?

A. We offer two variations to the e-commerce style website (also known as an online shop). The first is for smaller shops where we incorporate a shop into a brochure style website allowing the focus to be on the text content of the site. The other is for larger shops where you are likely to have a lot of different products and variations. This style of site puts more emphasis on the shop function with layout with sort options where customers can browse through different product categories. Both offer excellent reporting to help you keep on top of your orders and keep in touch with customers.

Q. What if I need extra web pages or want to add more pages later?

A. For E-Commerce or Brochure style sites, no problem, each additional page will cost �15 if we add it for you at set up, or if you choose to have full access to your site you can add as many additional pages as you wish yourself for free. If you would like us to update your site, make amendments or do any further work on your site we normally charge you at �25 per hr with a minimum charge of 1hr. For Business Card style websites, to add additonal pages you would need to upgrade to either a Brochure or ECommerce style website


Q. Do I need special software or technical skills to maintain the site myself?

A. No. We use Free, Open Source software which you can access online from any computer with an Internet connection. We set everything up for you then we can 'talk you through' how to add web pages, make amendments and generally manage your site. We continue to provide support, along with some easy to follow guides or online help service, for as long as you need to get going. If you would like personal tuition or would like to join one of our current training courses* this can also be arranged. *(subject to places being available at that time).


Q. How much will it cost to renew my domain name?

ADomain names currently start from �5.75 for 1 year


Q. What is a UK domain name?

AA domain name is the address used to locate your website. Having a UK domain (normally ends in for example .co.uk or .org.uk) indicates you are based in the UK which tends to be beneficial if your customers are also mainly based in the UK.


Q. Can I have a .com domain name instead of a UK domain?

AYes, of course. .com domain names are however a bit dearer than the UK ones so you may be charged any excess.


Q. Can I have additional domain names?

AYes, you can have as many as you wish. Only one is included in the package deal though so you will have to pay for any additional domain names your require.


Q. What happens when my web hosting package expires?

AYou can renew the basic hosting package each year (see our website shop for current pricing). It is usually easiest to set up auto repayments so you do not miss a renewal. If you have an e-commerce site (online shop), or your site has grown significantly and you wish to purchase a business hosting package it will be slightly more per month. You will also need to renew each domain name you have, only one of the domain names will normally need hosting, each of the others will point to it so you only have the basic renewal cost for them.

Q. What is website optimisation?

AThis is where actions are taken to ensure your site loads up quickly, provides appropriate information for search engines and can be found easily by potential visitors. Criteria for many major search engines does change constantly therefore although every effort is taken to optimise your website at the design stage, as with all forms of marketing, your website will of course need to be refreshed regularly and promoted in a variety of different ways to build and maintain awareness.


Q. Can I add extra features?

AYes. There are a wide range of additional features that can be easily added to your site at any time. There may however be a nominal charge to cover the time it takes to add these to your site.


Q. How can I do minor updates to my website?

AYou will need to tell us that you may wish to maintain your own site / do minor updates yourself BEFORE the website is constructed. You will be given a password which will allow you access to the 'back end' of your website, this is where alterations can be made. We will explain to you how to perform simple updates and 'talk you through' your first few amendments, further training can be available if required and 24/7 support is available to all our customers via our website. Please note that you will not be able to have direct access to a business card style website.


Q. Can I add extra pages later?

A. Yes. If you choose to add them yourself there will be no charge. If you would like us to add them for you, additional pages cost �15 each. Please note that you will not be able to have direct access to a business card style website.


Q. Who provides the text and images used in my website content?

AIdeally, as you know your business best, we ask you to provide any images and text you wish to be included. We are happy to work with you to ensure your content is both informative and professionally presented and, for a small fee to cover the additional time involved, can provide full copy writing, photographic and graphic design services should you need them. Please note that all content provided by you or your agents must not be illegal or offensive and you must have appropriate permissions to use the images and content in your site. Any material which is found to be illegal, offensive or in breach of copyright will lead to your site being removed without notice (see also our Terms and Conditions).


Q. How many email accounts can I have and what email addresses can I use?

AYou will get 30 free email addresses with your new website. Each email address is made up from the domain name of your website, eg, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.The portion of the name after the @ symbol is always the same but you can literally have any combination of letters or numbers before the @ symbol (you may for example like sales@ , info@, yourname@ etc).


Q. How do I access my email accounts?

AYour email accounts are located online so you can access them via any computer with an Internet connection, we normally put a link on the bottom of your website to make it easier for you. You will receive a username and login password which will take you to your email control panel. From here you can view, send, receive, store and organise your mail or you can set up your mail client - eg Outlook - to log in and retrieve your mail for you  (it all works very similar to a yahoo email account for example). We will normally set up your initial email addresses for you, if you wish you can add more later via your hosting account control panel or we can add them for you.


Q. Can my colleagues / employees access their own email account directly?

AYes, you simply give them their own unique password and login


Q. Is there a limit to how many pages or images I have on my website?

AYou can add as many additional pages and images as you wish to brochure or ecommerce style websites, please note that you will not be able to have direct access to a business card style website. All our sites are set up with a generous 1000MB of server space, if you find your site is growing with lots of pages, features and images you may need to upgrade your account to a business account.


Q. How do I get started or find out more?

CONTACT US - we would love to hear from you!  :)




Select a Domain Name for the unique address of your website


Tell us about your business, let us have any images and text you want us to include


Select your package, pay your deposit then let us do the rest!



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